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Here at World of Discs we offer the full range of desktop PC systems from cheap, budget systems to high-end gaming computers and servers. We supply products from AMD, Soltek, Microstar, Crucial, Thermaltake, Gainward, 3D Power, Maxtor, IBM, Creative, Epson, Hewlett Packard, TDK to name but a few. Our goal is to achieve the best performance possible with prices that won't break the bank or your wallet. Our computers are ready to ship or can be customised to suit taste, hardware and budget and are ideal for home, office, gaming or student use. But how do you know what will fit your requirements? Here's a little guide to help you understand your purchase.

The processor represents your computer's brain, and its specification will be a large factor in determining your computer's overall speed. Another component that's a significant determining factor in the performance of your PC is memory. A machine with more memory will run more applications at a quicker rate. Two memory-related factors should be considered when choosing a computer, both the amount of memory currently installed and the potential capacity that can be upgraded to. Foresight here can help to ensure that your computer's lifetime is maximised, since assuming there's space, memory can easily be added to often dramatically increase an older machine's performance.

Your choice of hard disk storage device should be influenced by two factors: its capacity and its speed. A larger disk will allow you to store many more programs and files, and will allow you to install multiple operating systems onto a single disk. Once again, in the interests of ensuring your machine's longevity, a high capacity disk is desirable. Your choice of graphics technology will be mainly motivated by the uses to which your computer will be put. The latest 3-D games frequently make high demands of your graphics card, and if you wish to exploit their full graphical potential you should look for a fairly high spec dedicated card with plenty of its own on-board memory.

Removable media, which includes CD-ROMS, DVD-ROMS, memory sticks and the like, represent one of the most obvious ways to take information to and from your PC. It's vital that you have at least a CD-ROM reading drive, a CD-Rw drive, or a DVD-ROM drive. Combo drives are available which offer multiple read/write functionality too, and represent good value.

In order to really maximise your computer's potential, you should make it a priority to be connected to the Internet. Most systems come equipped with a high speed Ethernet Adapter to connect to home or business networks, and to exploit the possibilities of broadband Internet.

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