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Vast amounts of almost new, usually fault-free electronics goods including computer and home electronics equipment are returned by customers to high street retailers, online e-tailers and major distributors within days of their delivery, for a full refund or replacement. We're talking about large volumes here - many of these companies will budget for up to 5% of their total sales of these products coming back in this way, as 'Returns'.

In some cases the goods are found to be faulty on delivery ('dead on arrival') or they fail within a very short time ('early life failures'), but in many cases there is no fault at all. It's just that customers have for some reason changed their minds about the purchase.

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Even worse for the vendors, these goods often come back with items missing, such as operating manuals, cables, power adaptors, software and even hard discs! These 'Returned Inventory' products represent a major and rapidly devaluing cost burden to the vendor, but a big opportunity for you, the canny online purchaser! You can return it but you can also swap online or sell it via a free ad on a site such as Village Cat or Gumtree.

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