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Most individuals and businesses use desktop computers. The monitor, keyboard and mouse sit on your desk, and the computer unit itself may sit on the desk or below it. If you want the top speed, newest features and biggest display screen for the least amount of money this is the way to go, and we at World of Discs can help you get started. However, if you travel or bring work home a lot, you may want to consider a laptop instead of, or in addition to a desktop.

Second hand PC systems have a very important role to play. For those working within a budget they provide the opportunity to own a computer without paying the much higher prices of new systems. However it is very important to recognise all the limitations of the system which you choose to purchase.

For parents buying computers for your children, any system is suitable if you are interested in encouraging your child to become computer literate. These systems will run software for word processing, accounting and simple presentations. Some will also allow access to the Internet. However, if the main reason for acquiring a PC for yourself or your child is to play computer games then we suggest that you exercise caution with your decision. Newer computer games often require fast systems with a large amount of memory. Please keep this in mind when making your choice. If you have any queries or just require further information, please don't hesitate to email us.

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